Air Tank(Air Receiver) 0.3M3-10M3

Air tank Technical Parameters

Installation Precautions


Ambient temperature:

Tank installation site ambient temperature should be within the operating temperature range of the device beyond the scope of measures should be taken insulation or go to a temperature controlled room.


Device environment should not corrosive medium (gas or liquid) exist, due to the gas tank in the design, with a slight corrosion (in Rot

Erosion rate 1.4mm / years) to consider, such as the use of the environment on the corrosion rate of more than 0.14 mm / year should be treated with preservatives to ensure the safe operation of equipment in the recommended life of seven years.


Please note that the safety valve between the tank and the tank can not be added to set the valve.


If more than the maximum flow compressor tank safety discharge, and use pressure relief device should be installed in their systems.


To prevent the tank from the compressor is too close, the tank inlet, bearings and other parts due to the long vibrations and cracks,

Therefore, both the distance of not less than 2 meters. Hose connection should be used within 5 meters, such as rigid pipe connections need to set the buffer elbow.

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